Title: Gift Ideas for all the “Do It Yourself” People in Your Life

Finding the right gift for a person who loves crafts might be a problem: anything they want, they can already make. We feel your stress. However, to help you get the perfect present for your favorite crafter, we composed a list of gift ideas. We wanted to add diversity to our present suggestions, so we added a few recommendations for all types of DIY lovers, whether bakers, knitters, or home repair enthusiasts.

For the DIY Foodies:

Garden Supplies

Buy pots and pans to help launch a garden project. Unless you know the type of soil your gift recipient has, stick with garden items that can be grown in containers and pots. Consult your favorite garden bloggers for tips and tricks to building a home garden. Next, figure out what herbs, vegetables, and fruits work with their lifestyle.

Focus on getting seeds that don’t take a lot of maintenance, and could easily work with their apartment or home environment.

Meal Subscriptions

Narrow your search by reading a few reviews on the best meal subscription boxes. Next decide on what type of subscription plan you can afford. These boxes will help inspire your favorite cook to be more creative with their meals.


To go old school, just buy your favorite baker or chef a cookbook to help them create more unique dishes. Purchase several different cookbooks that explore different cuisines in various countries and cultures.

For the DIY Craft Project Lovers:

Sewing Machine

Gift a sewing machine to increase the craft project possibilities. Check Amazon for deals on sewing machines, and then read the reviews to find the best one. Buy fabrics to go with it to help inspire a new project.

Gift Cards at Craft Stores

Find Michael’s and JoAnn’s gift cards online and in stores. Add enough money to it to fund a few creative projects.

Craft Subscription Boxes

There are many options out there for DIY subscription boxes. However our favorite is Kiwi Co’s boxes for young learners. This subscription service divides projects by age to help children and teens learn STEAM. Each month, a box arrives with a different project, which are either science or art based.


Buy already constructed accessories. Encourage her to customize the accessories or combine them with another DIY project. Find basic accessories at your favorite craft store, or in the clearance aisle of your favorite retailer. Use coupons at major retailers, such as New York and Company, to save even more on these discounted items.

For the DIY Home Improvement Enthusiasts:

Magazine Subscription

Pick a home improvement magazine, then buy a gift subscription. This subscription helps inspire them with ways to reinvent their space.

Gift Cards to Home Goods Stores

Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Walmart, Menards, and Ace Hardware are just a few stores to consider when making home and goods gift card purchases.

Start a Savings Account

Open a bank account in his name to start him on his home improvement or renovation project. Add some seed money to it.

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